Transforming Sports to perform at its best every time through AI.

Sports teams for many years have introduced technology in all they do to try to improve the winning edge over the competition. Human and Team performance are now even more critical, and using technology in conjunction with Talisman we have developed AI solutions that will change the face of sports forever!

In sports performance is key, and whether it’s a team performance or individual, understanding the way you improve and how you can make real time decisions wins the race, or game your playing.

Partnering with Talisman a world leading Sports Agency, we have designed real time data analytics using our platform for motorsports like Formula One, and team sports like football and basketball.

Example: In Formula One today, every second counts, and even a 0.5 of second difference can win a race. We have developed AI technology that listens to all F1 teams radio messages, and using AI and ML we can instantly see on the Talisman TrackSwift Dashboard real time information catergorised so the race engineer can now make instant decisions during a race, giving a speed advantage Vs humans to improve those precious seconds and potentially win the race.