Transport and Logistics

Automate and validate large volumes of import and export documents

In this era of increasingly global trade, the human endevours involved identifying, authenticating, and processing the global movement of cargo is staggering. Personar has developed specific AI technology which can automate these activities.

Our Personar technology processes information associated with the movement of goods including cargo, transport, broker, treatment, import, export and country specific documents. Often documentation is received as a pack, which a Personar reads, extracts relevant information, classifies by document type, validates against system information and actions based on the findings.

his document processing technology is integrated with data streams from IoT devices such temperature, weight and movement sensors, RFID tags, telemetrics and video analytics to give a wholistic view of the cargo being moved.

Example: The efficient movement of goods by road is heavily impacted by traffic conditions and congestion. Information gathered around the arrival of trucks, and the nature of the cargo, to a warehouse, port or distribution centre prior to arrival can greatly help the optimization of truck loading and unloading activities.

En-route waypoints such as weigh bridges can provide useful pre-arrival information. Analysing the video feed from a weigh bridge to retrieve a truck’s number plate along with reading the weigh bridge docket provides valuable insight. Cross checking this information with consignment documentation prior to arrival helps to optimize truck loading and unloading turnaround times.

How it Works

A Personar can take any structured or unstructured data digitally or use an OCR.

The Personar AI can extract all the information on a page and automatically classify it without the help of machine learning or object detection.

The Personar can now do a variety of things with the extracted information such as send an email, make a decision, or simply categorize the information and put it into a database.

Use Cases


Personar can take all your delivery notes from the days run of shipments and reconciles it with your sales or purchase orders and then add it into your system and email the update.

Document Automation

Personar can screen all goods coming into the country, read all the information, and act on the information via email or importation automation.

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