Many Personars have been built in all industries from Bio Security, Finance, Legal, Sports, Not-for-Profits, Telecommunications, and Logistics & Transportation. We’re here to help you create the right Personar for your business.

Personars by Design

The Problem that Needs to be Solved

User inputs a specific job description or problem they are trying to solve.

Identify the necessary skills

User identifies the skills or capabilities required to fulfill a desired outcome.

Breaking it down

The machine breaks down each skill into the steps required to achieve the desired outcome.

The Magic

Proprietary AI analyzes each step and develops a training program to teach itself the skills necessary to acheive the outcome.

Build the Personar

The Machine builds a digital Personar and implements the training program, teaching the Personar the skills necessary to acheive the outcome.

Personar goes to work

The Personar will then be able to deliver the desired outcome, including interacting with any required application, online service or automation platform.

Up and Running

The new Personar will now enter your digital workforce dashboard, and perform its duties as required, constantly learning and ongoing actions to improve performance.

Personars in Action


Driving a large fast paced Sports Management Agency isn’t easy, as your dealing with Sponsorships and Brand Activations each day across the globe, and managing what markets to push the product into and how to maximize the best for these sports clients is critical to their business success.   Personar developed a product, called TRUST, that enabled Talisman to analyze the right market opportunities and give them a summary of where to play in the market and help grow their clients. Using our AI, we can literally summarize where and which markets Talisman’s clients need to play in, and automate this so every new brand activation or sponsorship has a clear road to map out where they are going from day one.


As governments wrestle with many different challenges each day, CLEAR is a Personar built to help them validate, verify, and clear documents that they need to process quickly and simply. Using our unique AI engine, we designed a Personar that governments are already using to verify, validate, and clear documents coming into their departments. For example, countries worldwide import millions of different products, and all their corresponding documentation has to be checked upon entry into the country due to bio-security laws and import regulations. Today, most of these are done by manual paperwork, but now with CLEAR, governments can use the power of AI to validate the documents, verify they are what they say they and CLEAR a shipment in seconds.

Personar Process


30 Minutes


1 Day


2 Weeks