Not for Profit

Being Human first and helping others through AI is something we just do!

We believe that building technology for good is a great way to give back to humanity, and so when Personar was born we decided we had to build technology that Not for Profit (NFP) organisations around the world can use without any cost whatsoever.

Our Personar GOOD technology helps NFPs to interpret country specific regulatory regimes, monitor changes in government policy, monitor and promote effectiveness, organize volunteers, optimize charitable activities, and engage with donors to raise funds. Many of the administrative activities associated with running an NFP tend to rely on volunteers. Automation of these administrative activities helps to free up volunteer time to focus on delivering services associated with the objectives of the NFP.

Example: Keeping track of changes in government policy across jurisdictions can be challenging and time consuming. Personar GOOD is able to monitor government and news sites for announcements and timely alerts and associated insightful and accurate summaries of changes using our text summarization AI.