Automate document processing, inventory management and quality control

Manufacturing around the world is key to operating smoothly so goods are manufactured and shipped on time. Personar can help in many areas of Manufacturing, from Document management and processing, to matching and validating manufacturing data, to ensure the human in the loop continues to ensure manufacturing runs smoothly.

Building automation is key to success in Manufacturing, and so allow Personar to show you specific areas we can help you solve in the manufacturing process and save costs and higher productivity in the workplace.

How it Works

A Personar can take any structured or unstructured data digitally or use an OCR.

The Personar AI can extract all the information on a page and automatically classify it without the help of machine learning or object detection.

The Personar can now do a variety of things with the extracted information such as send an email, make a decision, or simply categorize the information and put it into a database.

Use Case

Handling of documents and information

Back end processes in manufacturing are large and complex, but with Personar’s knowledge of how to automate, extract and verify the information quickly, we can save precious time and money on the manufacturing floor in record time.

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