Take the time and hard work out of legal documents, from red lining a contract to reviewing the information to automation.

How many times have you heard, “We now need legal to review the contract, the MSA, the licence agreement”? Contracts can take days, weeks or even months for a lawyer or paralegal to review.

Personar can instantly turn a 100 page document into a two page summary. Personar can even read contracts and email a red line version to anyone within seconds.

Delight customers with speed and efficiency when you use Personar to review contracts and documents.

How it Works

Structured/Un-Structured or documents get fed into the Personar. Personar then will ask you a series of questions regarding areas you are looking for in the document, possible issues, term dates, etc.

Personar reviews all pages of the document and deliver either a 1 or 2 page summary, or a red line version of potential changes.

If the red line changes are acceptable, you can action the personar to mark up the changes and email them to the client.

Reviewing contracts should never take hours again becuse Personar’s unique Ai can read the information and put it to work, making your legal practice more productive

Use Cases

Redline Contract Personar

A Personar that can read all those Master Service Agreements instantly, and red line them for you, and send back to the client.

Contracts Review Personar

One that can read like a human and make decision’s based on the contract review and email to process.

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