Human Resources

Screen candidates by automating employee communications to ensure a happy workforce.

Human Resources have many roles to play in managing the employee base and new additions to the team. Personars can be used to support HR by reading resumes, and screening candidates ahead of an interview, to taking key data from your HR systems (HCM) and creating summarized information that you can put to work in your daily roles of running people.

Today many HCM systems are difficult to navigate to gain simple HR data and statistics, Personar helps you take a lot of this critical data and verify, validate, match to ensure information can flow sooner to employees, and ensure high accuracy of the information flow.

Find out today on how Personar can help you in HR.

How it Works

A Personar can take any structured or unstructured data digitally or use an OCR.

The Personar AI can extract all the information on a page and automatically classify it without the help of machine learning or object detection.

The Personar can now do a variety of things with the extracted information such as send an email, make a decision, or simply categorize the information and put it into a database.

Use Cases

Screen all CV’s/Resumes

incoming into the company, and automate and send potential candidates to the right person with the organisation to do something with the candidate.

Automate your HCM system

Run reports, and validate the information quickly so that HR professionals do not have to read every document and focus on more important tasks.

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