Simplifying Life

Personar simplifies what we do each day, helping to make our lives easier.

Advanced AI Automation

Personar is a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence, which uses a Skills Based Automation (SBA) Platform that revolutionizes workforce integration.

We have built an AI technology that enables our customers to design Digital Personars™ from simple job descriptions. This is a paradigm shift as we present an entirely new way to automate and create efficiencies across any organization.

Digital Personar Creation

Our Digital Personars™ have been integrated into several industries including: Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Security, Bio-Security, and Transportation & Logistics.

We enable your company to hire one of these skilled Digital Personars™ in the same way you would hire a human.

The difference is you pay a fraction of the cost of human capital to have Digital Personars™ working for you 24/7, and off and running in hours with no hidden costs

About Personar

Personar is a collaboration between AI data scientists and IT industry veterans. We are meeting the specific need for seamless integration of automation tools and machine learning into existing enterprise legacy systems.

Every demanding organization is working to enable and understand AI and automation. Our team of seasoned professionals at Personar knows how to adapt AI to meet your industry-specific requirements.