Skills Based Automation

Personar is changing the way organizations use technology with advanced automation tools that learn, understand, and adapt — revolutionizing and simplifying the entire process at scale. 

Why is Personar Different?

Personar has adaptive capabilities to not only learn how to read and validate documents and verbal communications, but to also understand them. We currently have personars operating in several industries. Some of their responsibilities include:

Document Verification

For government or financial applications to validate both typed and hand written forms.

Invoice Management

For any enterprise dealing with large volumes of invoices and accounts payables.

Data Extraction & Classification

Real-time data extraction and analysis from digital, analog, or audio sources

Document Automation

When large volumes of reports or documents need to be prepared based on sets of data.

What is Skills Based Automation?

Use Cases

Transportation and Logistics

Personar reads, extracts, compares and validates forms and documents for import and export.

Accounts Payable

Personar’s Accounts Payable solution enables finance teams to completely automate their AP systems from manual operations used today.

Document Automation

Allow Personar to read and compare your documents, and know what to do with the information, such as emailing someone for clarification on subjects within the text.

Legal Document Review

Instantly turn a 100 page document into a two page summary. Personar can even read contracts and email a red line version to anyone within seconds.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics is a complex business, so much information to process to ensure shipping product around the world gets to its destination.

Personar embarked on this journey early, and has been working with governments and Transportation & Logistics companies over the past two years to help them solve the challenge of reading complex documents, extracting this information and using an AI that can automate all this.

Due to Personar’s unique AI we can read all the information on documents coming in, read, extract, classify and process all at the same time so that goods into Australia can be processed quicker, no human errors and keep Australia borders safe.

Read more about the work we do today for the Australian Government, where we have automated all products under a certain value coming into the country.  Bio Security officers no longer need to review every document. They only now need look at shipments that the Personar red flags for inspection.