Streamline government processes with advanced automation

Governments around the world have a tough job in supporting their citizens and communities, and also at the same time ensuring the country is safe and secure. Using Personar technology we can support governments on a better and easier way to automate and use AI to solve the complex task of governing a nation.

Ensuring Government improves operational costs and security for the nation they represent.

Personar’s unique Ai helps classify and automate information quickly and easily and deploy in many areas to support Government needs. The work specifically we have done in protecting Australia’s borders with it’s strict Bio-Security laws is typical of the work we can do for any Government around the world.

How it Works

A Personar can take any structured or unstructured data digitally or use an OCR.

The Personar AI can extract all the information on a page and automatically classify it without the help of machine learning or object detection.

The Personar can now do a variety of things with the extracted information such as send an email, make a decision, or simply categorize the information and put it into a database.

Use Cases

Ensuring Borders are Protected

Personar can validate identification paperwork quickly and easily and match it across multiple databases of information.

Information is Key within Government

Personar can research key data across many news feeds and give a succinct summarization of specific topics or issues.

Automating and Digitizing

Personar can automate many processes within a government to support their citizens quickly and efficiently.

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