Personar developed TrackSwift, a unique dashboard that helps motorsport teams make real-time instant decisions.

In the world of Formula One, every second counts, and making decisions instantly are some of the toughest decisions the teams have to make. Today F1 teams use radio between the driver and race engineer, and as it’s an open radio channel in F1, all teams can listen to their rival teams. But the process is complex, as most teams today listen on Audio headphones trying to work out when one team is coming making a different decision in the race or just coming in to change tires or staying out. There are over 4,000 radio messages in any given race, and yet a teams can really only listen to select teams and drivers to make a decision, coupled with the time it takes to relay messages and also humans sometimes make mistakes and send the wrong transcripts, or maybe miss a message altogether. This has been a problem in Formula One and Motorsports for many years until Personar came along with TrackSwift.

Personar developed with F1 teams over the past two years a technology called TrackSwift. A unique dashboard that helps F1 & any motorsport teams that uses team radio, to make real-time instant decisions in a race that can save them time, and ultimately help them get up the field or win the race.

Anything to text, Recommender and Alerts, categoriser, reporting and feedback and configurator are the 5 skills of the Personar needed to run TrackSwift.

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