Automate the validation and processing of importation documents to ensure accuracy and bio security requirements are met.

Global Bio-Security laws can be strict, and, with the complexity of documents to review and automate, it is important to have accurate technology to drive and support this demanding space.

Personar can assess the Bio-Security risk of imported goods by reviewing and verifying the associated documentation. Our Personar skills can extract, read, match and verify the information needed for Bio-Security officers to make the correct assessment based on the importation needs of your country.

Now, instead of long mundane tasks, Bio-Security officers can review all importation of goods using our Personar dashboard, making it simple and easy to handle complex documents and import goods safer and more efficiently.


How it Works

A Personar can take any structured or unstructured data digitally or use an OCR.

The Personar AI can extract all the information on a page and automatically classify it without the help of machine learning or object detection.

The Personar can now do a variety of things with the extracted information such as send an email, make a decision, or simply categorize the information and put it into a database.

Use Case

Bio-security monitoring

We created a Personar for the Australian Gov’t that can automatically protect the country from importing the wrong types of goods. Personar’s can automate many similar and often very complex document validation systems like these.

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