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Banking and financial services are at the heart of business and our daily lives, and are surrounded by how to manage all this data. Personar has created banking and finance solutions to make it easier to automate, and at the same time use Ai to make it simpler to do business for the customer and for the bank to securely and accelerate technology solutions.

In financial services many documents around the world need to be processed each day, and collating and verifying this information is correct and accurate is not easy. Personar’s Ai can not only help validate one document to another as we can read like a human, but once we have validated this information we can then do something with it and automate it.

Matching and Validating information is critical and so many duplicates happen also daily due to human error, Personar can stop this from happening and verify and match data to save financial companies millions.

How it Works

Use Cases

Mortgage Loan Documents

Read, extract, match and verify loans in record time to give you a faster time to revenue, more availability for loan officers, and a happier customer.

Customer Experience Automation

Automating and digitizing many documents to give the client a  better experience and allow banks to have their workers focus on more productive tasks.

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