About Us

We are changing the way humans work to simplify our lives.

Every organisation is working to enable and understand AI and automation. Personar is adapting AI to specific applications in some of today's most demanding industries.

With the introduction of our Digital Personar™, our modular and expandable platform, we are allowing organisations to free up workforce potential and encouraging more efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Our Digital Personars™ can interface seamlessly with all your existing technologies allowing us to easily fit into any organisation.

AI is transforming the world. Personar is dedicated to creating a healthy relationship between humanity and technology. We are changing the way humans work with the intention of simplifying our lives.

We have built an AI technology that enables the customer to design a Digital Personar™ from a simple job description. Currently, we have several Personar products which have been seamlessly integrated into operations across many industries including: Bio Security, Finance, Legal, Sports, Telecommunications, and Transportation & Logistics.

We enable your company to hire one of these skilled Digital Personars™ in the same way you would hire a human.

Personar has developed a Skills Based Automation (SBA) Platform that revolutionizes how AI should be implemented in the workplace.

Our platform is interoperable, extensible, and fully secure. We offer custom integrations with existing infrastructure and produce a management interface with real-time reporting and permissions across the enterprise.

Our team at Personar all came from many years in the industry and realised that our customers were not getting value from traditional automation software providers.

Our customers were all spending many months and millions of dollars implementing automation and not getting it to work the way it should.

So the Return on Investment diminished quickly, and automation for most companies became complex and too expensive to implement.

Our goal was simple — to create a platform that simplifies the complex process of adapting automation to real life challenges, eliminating the need for extra services and giving our customers a return on investment that they can bank on.

Legacy automation companies are still selling licenses to customers which they don’t need and using technology that is becoming more outdated, with no intent to help customers address their real challenges.

Personar is designed to solve real customer needs using a cutting edge AI technology that helps…Simplify Life!